for gigi

ned’s brother greg, a seasoned father in his own right, came to visit this weekend.  the brothers went on lots of walks with josephine.  they also went to a UW football game and left me home alone with the baby.  UW won, josephine was fussy–a fun time was had by all.



we all went to the farmer’s market on saturday. greg carried the baby in the moby wrap, leaving ned’s arms free to carry home the chicken we bought.  the most expensive little chicken in the world; i think we spent the baby’s entire college fund.  they must have injected gold into the chicken’s veins or something. it was delicious, though.

when i was feeling awful during my first trimester, ned would come home from work, find me passed out in bed, and give me some options for dinner.  he would ask, “which of these foods sounds least disgusting and how can i make it even less disgusting?”  one night, nothing sounded remotely palatable and he offered to roast me a chicken.  ned’s been a vegetarian for 11 years so i was intrigued by the offer but didn’t take him up on it.  so this was a long-promised roasted chicken.  never mind that i did most of the roasting…




that's our chicken made of gold

the vegetarian digs in. note all the meatless bones.

the vegetarian digs in.

greg very astutely referred to a new baby’s needs as “relentless.”  the upside of constantly responding to those unrelenting needs is that this morning i got to do this while ned and greg made me breakfast and washed the dishes from the previous night’s dinner:


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