on the badio

we’ve lived in this apartment for well over a year but i only recently got fed up with the fact that we were making no use of the narrow, gets-only-an-hour-of-sun balcony off the living room.  so i got three chairs at goodwill, we re-purposed ned’s nightstand (that he’d found on the curb) and, voila!  we have a place to eat dinner on warm nights and play during the day.  (the water play certainly could have happened without the chairs, but then where would i have sat and sipped a mimosa and enjoyed bonbons while she splashed?)  josephine likes to refer to this as the “badio,” sometimes pronouncing it correctly as “patio.”

One Response to “on the badio”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    ha! i just noticed the bowl with the water in it!! and nice job on using the deck. i’m jealous.