celebration season

it is upon us: the three weeks of the year that contain my birthday, josephine’s birthday, ned’s birthday and ned’s and my wedding anniversary.  we joke that we should just take the three weeks off each year and celebrate all four milestones in an exotic locale.  maybe when we’re retired…

ned kicked off our celebrations by organizing a lovely gathering of friends for my birthday last weekend at the park near our house.  he pulled together an amazing spread of some of my favorite things–cheeses, crackers, fun spreads, and a blueberry buckle.  (he very cleverly turned the cooler into a sort of giant bento box, keeping food both cool and protected from marauding children.)  the kids delighted in each other’s company.  and ned ordered up some perfect summery evening sunshine.

we’ll spend our anniversary tomorrow at the wedding of our friends.  and, as i’m the wedding photographer (gulp!), i probably won’t actually get to spend tons of time with ned and josephine.  but we’ll make up for it with a nice family day doing… something (yet to be determined) on josephine’s birthday on monday.  then we’ll have a bit of a breather before we round out the season with festivities for ned.

4 Responses to “celebration season”

  • megan Says:

    happy anniversary! and happy birthday to all! it’s our anniversary today too.
    🙂 megan

  • Polly Says:

    Happy everything! and oh I hear ya, that’s what mid-May is like for us. One week contains Chris’s birthday, my grandma’s birthday, my birthday, my brother’s birthday and Mothers Day.

  • Meg Says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend with all of your celebrations! Bask in the love and good feelings, and smile a lot! Make memories to sustain you through the dark (but still nice) months ahead. Gorge yourself on the last beautiful moments of summer before you are swept up by autumn. 🙂 Love you, O. Give Ned my love and Joey a big birthday hug from all of the Jones-Schiebels. 🙂

  • auntie mae Says:

    happy anniversary, you two!! love you both 🙂