first, despite the multiple outfits, all the photos in the last post were from one day: josephine’s birthday.  we had a lovely just-the-three-of-us day eating blueberry pancakes, playing at the beach, wading in the pool, eating a first ice cream cone, eating the requested pesto pasta for dinner and enjoying new gifts.  she had a great day, as did we.  we’ll celebrate with friends this weekend.

second, sometimes i use this blog as a notebook — jotting down little moments so i don’t forget them.  i keep wanting to report on things josephine says that reveal what an incredible memory she has.  maybe all toddlers are like this?  anyway, i don’t think she got the memory thing from me because i keep forgetting exactly what it was she said that proved her good memory…

but i have two little memory tales for you today.  the first is from my birthday party.  our friends sara and jason walked up and josephine looked up and said, “i saw you last camping yesterday.”  granted, it wasn’t the day before that we had been camping with them (josephine uses temporal words like “yesterday” and “last night” and “today” pretty liberally) but our camping trip to mount rainier a month earlier had been the last time we had seen sara and jason.

then yesterday we were at goodwill, hunting for books, and i found a copy of make way for ducklings.  i showed it to josephine and she grabbed it excitedly and started paging through it.  when she got to the picture of the kind policeman who feeds the ducks peanuts and helps them cross the street, she said, “look, it’s michael!”  and she was right — that’s his name.

people, the last time she had that book read to her was in mid-july.

2 Responses to “memory”

  • Erika Says:

    Christopher has this memory thing too! It’s boggling, isn’t it? He just randomly starts babbling and then he’s talking about “Tante C” (my sister) who he spent time with in MN last month, or any of his other relatives. It’s so sweet and amazing that their brains just keep all these things!

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    honey, this was you many years back.