sean + delcia

the wedding we went to last weekend was nothing short of fantastic.  our friends put together an amazing event in less than three months, a timeline similar to another couple i know.  there was great music, delicious food and a very personal and heartfelt ceremony.  our mutual friend adam married them and he talked so beautifully about sean and delcia’s relationship.  he also, on their behalf, made an extremely eloquent acknowledgement of the fact that marriage is a privilege for some and not a right for all, a sentiment i appreciated hearing as part of the ceremony.

josephine had a blast.  our friend allison was kind enough to hang out with josephine at a nearby park during the ceremony so that i could take pictures and ned could actually enjoy it (read: cry through it) without having to shush/remove a chatterbox toddler.  josephine had a great time playing and was none the wiser about missing the main event.  the dancing and music and running wild was all she needed to enjoy a wedding.

here are a few of the 900 (!) photos i took that day.

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