party perfect

we had:
:: perfect weather
:: a picnic table in the shade at a very crowded park
:: a picnic table in the shade right next to the playground
:: a much-anticipated bunny cake (made of carrot cake, of course)
:: a high-drama swing rescue
:: many beloved friends
:: a very happy two-year-old

(photo credit to ann for some of the above.  thanks, ann!  see you at next year’s party.)

before her birthday, josephine could tell you that her birthday was september fifth, that she was going to be two and that she was going to have a bunny cake with pink polka dots at her party. then, on her actual birthday, we told her that it was, finally, september fifth and that she was, finally, two. but then we had to explain that it wasn’t her birthday party yet. how confusing! then it was her birthday party and there was the bunny cake and all her friends. and now? now she’s just two; no other excitement. when people ask her how old she is, she proudly holds up two fingers and then often says “it’s my birthday today.” so i’m trying to help her understand that her birthday has passed, that next it’s dada’s birthday and that she’ll have a birthday again next time it’s september fifth. impossible concepts for a little mind to grasp, right?

today, before her nap, i was reading her a book that mentioned the months of the year.  i said, “josephine, your birthday is in a month. when is your birthday?” and she looked at me and said, “it’s done, mama.”


she’s named the cat “flossie.”

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