camping, part 1

practicingferry, lightferrywater, grassi sat hereisland fence
our supper--pesto pastaprogress?beach bumssun risea good sunrise companioneven the seaweed was beautiful
our campsitewaiting for oatmealpracticing "angry"see the whales?covenot my bike
pizza dinnersharing the viewcrazy kid with catend of the day

san juans, a set on Flickr.

we went camping last weekend in the san juan islands. it was magic. we slept on shaw island, the quietest and least-known island of the four the ferry stops at. the next day, we went to san juan island to do some whale spotting (we spotted them!) before heading home. we spent four hours total on the ferry, one of my favorite parts of this trip. josephine, as usual, couldn’t get enough of the beach. and ned? he got a year older on monday and we celebrated by nibbling on chocolate while watching the sunrise over the beach.

tomorrow, we leave for another camping trip. this one is with three other families, three other children. it will likely be a wholly different experience than our quiet, sleepy island trip. but delightful in so many other ways.

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