jumping to conclusions

two recent incidents of josephine jumping to conclusions:

first: we were at the grocery store this afternoon.  josephine has a cold and her nose was mildly running.  she asked for a wipe but i didn’t hear her so she asked for another one, more insistently.  before i could pull a kleenex out and wipe the snot, she buried her face in her hands and wailed, “my face is ruined!”


we were on our way to meera’s house last week for meera’s birthday dinner.  josephine was quite intrigued by the idea of going to meera’s house in the evening.  on the way over, we had the following conversation.

josephine: it is night.
me: i know. it’s usually daytime when we go to meera’s. usually we eat lunch there but tonight we’re going to eat dinner with meera.
josephine: it’s her birthday.
me: yep. we’re going to have birthday dinner with her.
josephine: …and then i’ll sleep in her bed.

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