i am feeling very grateful (especially on the mornings when josephine wakes up a half-hour early and i need (deserve?) some comedic relief) that she’s getting verbal enough to say hilarious things on a more regular basis.  two recent events:

last night i was giving josephine a bath.  she’s fairly skeptical of the whole lie-down-and-get-your-hair-wet process and it takes a well-balanced mix of distraction and intense praise to get her hair wet and then, once shampooed, rinsed.  as i was rinsing her hair, i said, “look at how still you’re being!  when you lie still, the water doesn’t go in your eyes!” and she replied, “it’s gonna go in the bathtub’s eyes.”


she’s gotten into drinking tea from a little cup i got years ago in south africa (that i told ned was a gift for a friend but really i was buying it for our future non-existent child).  at the breakfast table the other day she took a big drink of tea, put the cup down and said, “AHHH!  that’s what i say after drinking coffee!”

3 Responses to “snippets”

  • Meg Says:

    She is such a cutie, Oma! And I have to say, I LOVE the little dress she is wearing in the wedding photos (I can’t comment on those). 🙂 It looks like she’s having a great fall. 🙂

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    oh, i’m glad you saw the dress, meg. it was perfect! and it will fit her next summer, too. (the comments turn off after a post has been up for a few weeks because i was tired of getting so many spam comments.)

  • Meg Says:

    Yes! Joey looks just darling in the dress! I’m glad she will be able to wear it again, too. It was one of our favorites, but it didn’t get worn that often. I guess we need to go to fancier places … 🙂