goodbye, summer, we hardly knew ye

the weather forecast graphics for the next week involve lots of clouds with unhappy, rainy faces and temperatures in the 60s.  we could be surprised (please, please surprise us), but i think autumn is here.  which makes me realize that there’s some summer fun i still haven’t shared with you.  one very summery day involved a field trip to the farm we get our CSA box (weekly delivery of veggies) from. they have an open house each year and, though we’ve been members for multiple years now, we’ve only gone one other time.  this year, we dragged allison, matt and eli along, convincing them that tromping through sunny fields on a 90+ degree day would be fun.  and it was.  the kids loved harvesting basil and got all pink-cheeked and sweaty (as did the adults, but it wasn’t as cute on us).  and you know what was even more fun?  more fun even than drinking straight out of the hose? jumping in the river afterward.

(were there not freaky weirdos out there on the internet, i would share the uncropped version of that last photo and you, like me, might just fall over from cuteness overload.)

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