today is my sister maeta’s birthday.  she’s much younger than me, which means she’s turning a ridiculously young 25.  i left for college when she was nine and in my head she’s still that nine-year-old.  certainly not a quarter-century-old married home-owner, launching her career as a nurse.  (in some ways, she’s got more of her sh*t together than i do.)  she came to visit last weekend and, simply put, josephine fell in love with her.  the two of them have definitely bonded during past visits, (i can’t resist! look at the cute!)

but something really clicked for josephine this time.   within maeta’s first few hours here, josephine was climbing onto her lap and giving maeta hugs, something she is usually pretty stingy with.  by their second day together, josephine was saying “favorite auntie” while hugging maeta’s legs.  (christina, i think you’ll have to make a visit to seattle if you want to challenge maeta for favorite auntie status…)  it was incredibly sweet to behold; both to see josephine give so much love to someone other than ned and me, and to know that she was giving it to someone who totally appreciated and reciprocated it.

we ladies took off for a night to vancouver, canada–josephine’s first international trip–and i benefited immensely from their BFF status, as it gave me a bit of freedom that i do not usually have single-parenting it away from home.

this photo makes me laugh--the expressions i caught make it look like maeta's the mean mom and josephine's the chastized child. neither is the case.

we stayed in a hotel room with a king bed that was quickly dubbed "the tickle bed." it was so fluffy and comfortable, none of us really wanted to leave it.

the room also had a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into downtown vancouver. thank you, hotwire.

back in seattle, we hit the park and the zoo.  josephine got a little halloween practice in.

ned and i even got a date night while auntie and jojo played at home and enjoyed their shared favorite meal–pesto pasta.  they are peas in a pod, those two.

happy birthday, maeta.  we miss you here.  we are sad you’re no longer in the “yiving yoom” when we get up in the morning.  and it would be really nice if there was someone else who could read curious george goes to the hospital to josephine for the billionth time…

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  • auntie mae Says:

    oh i love that little cutie pie!! i miss you guys. i wish i could be in the yiving yoom more often. love you!