double digits

it appears that josephine and i have been sharing something special beyond mother-baby bonding time during breastfeeding sessions.  my network of medical advisors suspect i have a yeast infection in my nipples and that josephine might have thrush.  fun!    so we made a trip to the lactation consultant yesterday to get advice on what to do.  (cream for me and a oral medicine for her.)  the best part of the visit was getting to weigh josephine again.  i was preparing myself for her to be at least nine pounds and was shocked to learn that she’s TEN pounds, seven ounces.  so i guess the yeast isn’t interfering with her ability to gain weight.

she’s getting so big.  it makes me a tad bit nostalgic for my not-even-eight-pound baby.  especially when i’m carrying her in her car seat up four flights of stairs…


one day old, five weeks old

edited to add (after a worried call from josephine’s grandmother): we’re both totally fine.  i’ve got some stinging and burning, but josephine doesn’t seem to have any symptoms.  besides being totally cute, of course.

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