things i’m enjoying (a new occasional series)

did you ever notice that the only person i write about is josephine?  what about me?!  perhaps i just need a different outlet (a twitter account, maybe), but until i have one, i’m going to start a new little blog series called “things i’m enjoying” where i get to talk about me me me for just a few lines.

things i’m enjoying:

goodwill.  i more than enjoy goodwill.  i love it.  is it pathetic that when ned got home tonight i handed over josephine and went to goodwill?  when i could have gone to any other place in the city?  (or just stayed home with my family?) i was looking for fabric to make josephine’s halloween costume (which i found) and i also found a pair of my-size dansko sandals in great shape for $5.  and a bunch of other things.  that store is fantastic, but it has ruined me for shopping anywhere where clothes cost more than $7 and toys cost more than $5.  so basically i can only shop at goodwill forever.

learning embroidery.  josephine’s not the only person around here who needs to exercise her brain.  i just started working on this project and i am really really enjoying trying something new.  it helps that the something new is small and can be done at home while the toddler is sleeping.  i’m not quite ready to something new like rock climbing; this, however, is doable.  i love the mental break of sitting in a quiet apartment, immersing myself in figuring out these stitches.  i’ve completed 7.5 letters so far and i think i will frame it for josephine’s room when i’m done.

pinterest: have you seen this?  the site describes itself as an “online pinboard” and that’s pretty much what it is.  i think of it as a visual version of my bookmarks folder.  when you get an account, you get a little “pin it” button for your browser and when you see something you like you can “pin” the picture into your board and it’s there when you want to refer back to it and/or for other people to look at.  i just started my account and have so far moved quilts i’ve had bookmarked as pretty to a board and have moved some of my bookmarked recipes over, too.  clearly i have ambitions for more pinning. i have not yet jumped down the rabbit hole that is browsing other people’s boards. could be dangerous.

thinking of little kitchen tasks for josephine. (ok, apparently i can’t write a post about me without mentioning that kid about 20 times.) she’s up for helping in any way possible in the kitchen and so it’s fun to give her little projects while i work on making lunch or getting dinner together.  yesterday, she helped dump the flour in the bowl for the pizza dough and then watched the mixer get to work.  today, she scrubbed potatoes for soup.  she’s also very good at washing kale in the salad spinner. and getting water everywhere.

thanks for indulging me.  back with more josephine-centric stories soon.

4 Responses to “things i’m enjoying (a new occasional series)”

  • Polly Says:

    Yay for other interests! I’m dreaming over that embroidery sampler but I decided I have to finish my knitting project first. Stay tuned.

    I have not started the pin board thing cause I’m worried I would never stop. But kudos to you.

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    Love your comments about yourself and what you are doing. Me? I’m processing produce. We are overrun with goodies from our garden and from our friends’ gardens and fruit trees. I could use Josephine’s help in the kitchen!

  • Meg Says:

    Good to hear about YOU. 🙂 I love the part about Goodwill because I feel the same way!

  • megan Says:

    i love this oma. i’m feeling like i am playing blog catch up these days… there are at least 7 posts to write, with awesome photos. alas. can’t wait to see you tomorrow!