don’t mess with mama

josephine and i went with allison and eli to story time at a nearby library branch this morning.  today the children’s librarian was reading some halloween-themed books.  one of them was about a little mummy who was playing hide-and-seek with his mom (mama mummy).  in the course of looking for her, he encountered all sorts of creepy creatures (a ghost, a swamp monster, dracula) and josephine grew more and more concerned about this mummy who couldn’t find mama mummy.  the little mummy wasn’t scared until he saw a tiny little mouse.  the librarian paused the story to turn the page and kids waited to see what happened to the mummy who was scared of the mouse; the room was silent. in that moment, poor little stressed-out josephine said, loudly, “the mouse can help the mummy find his mama!”  of course the mama mummy was found on the next page.  josephine credits the mouse, who actually was the opposite of helpful, in aiding the mummy in finding his mama.

One Response to “don’t mess with mama”

  • Christina Says:

    Aahhh! Greg and I laughed so hard when we read this. It is priceless!!! So cute when they are “serious” and very literal.