searching for spooky

josephine has become very interested in skeletons.  she learned about them listening to a song (featured on the post about our visit to the pumpkin patch).  how do you explain what a skeleton is to a 2-year-old?  i told her that her skeleton is her bones, which are under her skin, holding her body together.  now when you ask where her skeleton is, she pokes at her boney wrist.

we saw some skeleton halloween decorations on a porch a few weeks back.  josephine was fascinated and for the rest of our walk asked for “more skeletons! more skeletons!”  so we’ve been keeping an eye out for skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins and spiders.  she and ned saw a rather gory skull when they were out one afternoon and she decided it was so spooky that she should sing “kookaburra” to it.

ned got off work early one evening last week and we invited matt, allison and eli to join us on a neighborhood walk to find fun halloween decorations.  i must say we were all quite disappointed with our neighborhood’s lack of halloween spirit, but it was nice to get outside in the golden hour amidst the bright leaves.

inspired by the dearth of decorations (or, rather, uninspired by their nonexistence), i made us a spooky spider web on our sliding glass door.  and yes, i know that’s not at all what a spider looks like.  they’re a new species.

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