the fog was thick over the lake yesterday when we went out for a walk.

josephine requested that i take a picture of her in the fog.  she’s clinging to a bag of halloween candy.  she won’t actually get to eat those sour patch kids but was content to carry them around with her all day long.

this morning, the fog was back.  i was showing her how it was so cold we could see our breath.  she said, “mama, your breath matches the fog!”


unrelated, but important: a family friend’s 17-year-old son was in a horrible accident and, after 3.5 weeks in the hospital and spinal surgery, he headed home today. if you have any spare love or kind thoughts or blessings or prayers, i am sure simon in minnesota would appreciate them.  i’m sure his parents would, too.  i can’t imagine.  it’s intimidating enough to bring a newborn home; i can’t quite fathom providing (anew) such intensive caring for someone who’s been so self-sufficient for so long.  they’re an amazing family — i have no doubt they’ll come out of this peaceful and glowing.

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