josephine is sick today and she and i have spent 97% of the day (a lovely, sunny day, might i add) on the couch with her pj-clad body draped pathetically over mine. i can’t tell if i’m sick, too, or if i’ve just succumbed to the glassy-eyed blah of a day spent doing nothing and eating not much, but i haven’t really minded our do-nothing day. i’m working my way through a really good book and feeling grateful that josephine’s a rather stoic sick girl. surprising, given her tendency to be quite whiny about the minor annoyances of life.

i’m not sure what’s wrong with her — no fever and no throwing up.  i’ve fed her some o’s, some applesauce and i’ll make her some toast soon.  there’s no evidence that there’s anything wrong with her stomach, but after this summer’s 9-day vomit-fest, i’m not taking any chances.

i just parked her in front of “the cat in the hat,” one of the two tv shows she occasionally watches, so i could sneak away and not be hung upon for a few moments.  when ned gets home, i’ll either go for a walk or crawl into bed, depending on which way the evening is propelling me.

and that’s the news from here.  the cat in the hat is exploring the bottom of the ocean, much to josephine’s delight.  i hope your day has been more active, less uncomfortable but has included some good snuggling with someone sweet.

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