hand me that germ-covered stick you’re carrying, please

we are, hopefully, at the tail-end of a blessedly short three-day relay race of sickness here.  just as josephine was climbing off the couch under her own volition on tuesday evening, i was sinking deeper into the nest of pillows and blankets we’d created during our day together, feeling more and more like crud.  and then, last night, just as i was realizing that i had been upright for more than half an hour and wasn’t dying to be horizontal again, ned turned to me and said, “is it cold in here? i have goosebumps.”  when i shook my head sadly, he slunk off to bed.  today josephine and i went about our usual morning activities (which included “school,” and i’m not sure i’ve mentioned school here yet.  note to self: write a post about school.  i have nearly three more weeks of posts; i think i’ll have the opportunity soon.) while ned took my spot in bed and spent the day sleeping and reading the good book that i finished yesterday. thanks to tomorrow’s veteran’s day holiday, we will end up with a five-day weekend together.  hopefully three of those days will be spent in good health.

and now, some unrelated pictures of a cute kid eating popcorn for the first time (and giving it a thumbs up):

One Response to “hand me that germ-covered stick you’re carrying, please”

  • Erika Says:

    i love your daily posts! thank you! popcorn is one of CP’s favorite snacks over here too. usually followed by a “po-sik-l” (popscicle). 🙂