martinmas parade

the school josephine and i attend a parent-tot class at is a waldorf school (more on the actual school experience soon).  the fine folks at waldorf schools celebrate a number of holidays and festivals that non-waldorf folks don’t.  like martinmas.  rather than celebrating martinmas like the irish do (sacrificing a cockerel and sprinkling the blood in the four corners of the house), we were invited to celebrate with another family from school like they do in germany, netherlands and belgium by participating in a lantern walk.

to prepare, josephine and i turned mason jars into lanterns by gluing tissue paper strips to the outside, making a handle out of wire and plunking a candle inside. ned and josephine spent several days making “martinmas parades” by lining up every single one of josephine’s stuffed animals and little figurines in a long parade and giving them each a yellow block (lantern) to carry. (josephine calls it a “lantrun,” by the way.)

this evening at dusk, in the chill and drizzle, we gathered in the arboretum with a small group of people and walked with our lanterns and sang little songs about, you guessed it, our lanterns.  seems just lovely, doesn’t it? it probably would have been had josephine not been along — she shrieked if i walked a few steps ahead to take a picture, and she didn’t want to walk and wanted to be carried, and she wanted to hold both lanterns, both of them! now!, and then she wanted to hear the singing but not walk fast enough to be close enough to hear the singing and she wanted more singing, more singing!, when it was time to walk quietly and it was raining on her head.  but it looks really nice, doesn’t it? when you can’t hear her?

and then we went to a coffeeshop and got hot apple cider and that stopped the whining for a bit.  happy martinmas (which was actually yesterday).

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