little baby joey

i was looking for my files from last year’s holiday cards and got totally sidetracked by photos and movies of a littler, rounder josephine.  oh, lord, she was cute.  she still is, of course, but there’s nothing like that little roly-poly saying all those cute little words.  the three of us watched a few movies together and the josephine of today was completing the sentences that the josephine of yesteryear wasn’t quite doing so well with.  and she was laughing at her old self in a sweet, you’ll-get-there-someday-little-lady sort of way.

so instead of a post about today (school, shots at the doctor’s office, a sweet lunch date together, nap, reading on the couch–there–that was the day), i offer you a look into the past.  a photo of josephine one year ago (ok, actually one year ago tomorrow) and a video from last december.  oh, the cuteness.  (and that little whine? hasn’t changed in a year.)

2 Responses to “little baby joey”

  • Erika Says:

    sniffle–the blog told me this video was private and so i couldn’t look at it. 🙁 boo.

  • auntie mae Says:

    you’re right- her whine is the same!

    i forgot how amazing her verbal skills were at just 15 months. just amazing!