it’s friday night and i want to go watch a movie with ned

whose dumb idea was daily posting anyway?  i’m feeling a little burnt out but, dang it, i’m going to persevere.  i just feel sorry for you, dear reader(s).

despite the fact that photos from the day would provide excellent blog fodder, i’ve been taking very few photos lately.  here are a few from a several weeks back; it’s a scene that happens daily around here.  ned showed josephine how to tuck her friends into the space between the chair and her little table so that she can serve them food.

a couple notes:

josephine’s friends have been celebrating birthday after birthday in their little group. she was using blocks as pieces of cake so i made her some little felt cake slices with bead sprinkles on top.  i still have to sew up the last one and then i’ll take a better picture.  they’re pretty cute.

that little doll is something i made during parent “handwork” time at her school.  ned and i both think it’s a little creepy but josephine loves her and calls her baby doll.  it didn’t have any facial features at first but i couldn’t really handle it and added the sleeping eyes and mouth, but it doesn’t fully help the situation.  the doll is eating cake and is also partaking of the “sack of potatoes” from a farm puzzle that gets passed around as, somehow, a beverage.  vodka?  are her little friends all drinkers?

could kitty-cat look more ratty?  she’s less than three months old!  (she does have that fancy new bracelet to class things up a bit.)

that t-shirt josephine’s wearing?  she was also wearing it in the holiday card we sent out last year.  so was it too big then or too small now?  or is josephine just a pipsqueak?

wow, that was a thrill.  you’re welcome.

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