a star is born (and then screams)

josephine has been extremely interested in watching the “baby joey” movie that i posted a few days back.  she giggles all the way through it and shouts out the words that baby joey can’t, like watermelon.  last night she announced that she wanted to make a baby joey movie.  so we put the same wooden food in the same green bag.  we grabbed the same shirt that, ahem, was in her drawer.  and we pulled a pair of similar pants over the pants she was already wearing (she’s not usually so bulky).  and then i called “action” and she did a pretty fantastic job of recreating baby joey.  as cute as it is, i think it was all motivated by her desire to get her grubby little paws on the phone and push some forbidden buttons.

and here’s what josephine is like when she’s not pretending to be a year younger.  she’s teaching bella to play the drums and her name is “miss holly” (her teacher at school).  and she provides a great example of one of her random pronouncements.

finally, on a more disgruntled note, we’re having a problem with that four-friend rule i instituted for nap and bedtimes.  josephine has a quartet of friends she sleeps with and, most of the time, she is perfectly content with them.  but at other times, like this very second, in fact, she is quite discontent and wants not only kitty-cat, cocoa and popcorn (the bunnies), and babydoll, but another friend, as well.  so what are we to do?  because she gets upset when she’s going down for a nap or for bed she’s too tired to be reasoned with.  she’s unimpressed with our counting and re-counting the four friends already in her crib and instead wails — wails — piteously for the fifth friend she wants wants wants.  so. do we give her the fifth friend, breaking the rule we’ve set?  does it teach her that screaming gets her what she wants?  let her cry her heart out even though she’s tired and the rule’s rather dumb in the first place?  drop the rule altogether and let her bring a dozen stuffed animals to bed and just deal with the risk of having to find one or two animals in the middle of the night?  a forth option i haven’t considered?  advice?

my solution tonight? i’m going to go to bed to read a parenting book while ned negotiates with her/soothes her/stuffs socks in her mouth. kidding! infant onesies work much better. (kidding again! just in case i needed to make that clear!)

2 Responses to “a star is born (and then screams)”

  • megan Says:

    perhaps… a rule about not finding friends in the middle of the night? and caving on the four friends rule? oh, my. good luck ned and oma, good luck.

  • Erika Says:

    oh, i like Megan’s suggestion. i don’t know what we’d do. i’m kind of a jerk cause i’m no good when i’m tired too, so your patience is awesome. i tend to just let him cry it out and Alex tends to go in and try to fix something. which is to say, multiple tactics might work. 🙂 not too useful, but i love you!