and now back to our regularly-scheduled grousing

Apparently Josephine got the memo about how to throw a great toddler temper tantrum.  (Stop laughing, mom.) Either that, or she saw me checking out a parenting book from the library that I wanted to look through as a totally preemptive measure and thought, “Hey, let’s shake some stuff up here. Put that parenting crap to the test.”

Last night, she went to bed an hour past her bedtime due to our Thanksgiving feasting. She was totally content and amenable last night but (spoiler alert!) that did not last. She woke up at 5am and decided it was the right time for a total meltdown.

The topics about which she chose to howl/scream/froth at the mouth:
— She wanted her “regular pillow.” I’m not sure what this is, as the pillow she sleeps with every time she sleeps in her bed was under her head. But she was frantically looking for the regular one. And couldn’t find it anywhere.
–It was time to get up.
— I was either not rubbing her back at all or not rubbing it long enough. RUUUUB MY BAAAAAAAACK NOWWWWW! Oh, there’s nothing I’d rather do, darling child.
–If I wasn’t going to rub her back, then I was going to have to sit next to her.
— She wanted her nose wiped about a million times. And then she wanted to hold the tissue once I was done wiping. But when she needed her nose wiped again, she wouldn’t let me use of of the dozen tissues she was already holding; I had to get a new one and then she had to hold that one. Etc.
–She wanted a sip of water.
–She wanted a sip of milk.
–(This is my favorite.) She changed her mind about the orange she didn’t eat at the coffeeshop yesterday morning and decided she did, after all, want to eat the orange.

Lest you think I just stood in her room and wiped her snot for the entire SEVENTY MINUTES this went on for, oh ho ho no. I went back to bed multiple times to warm up and think about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten while she kept right on howling. Eventually I would feel like, for the sake of the neighbors, I should go attempt to calm her again. And then I would wipe her nose again and not rub her back/rub it not long enough… I also took a break to assure Ned that he should leave on his morning walk — one of us should be sane — and I also went to the bathroom and drank some water. I should have eaten the rest of the apple tart but I didn’t think about that one until now.

A little after six something clicked (gave out?) and Josephine finally let me leave her room without screaming hysterically after me. I am proud to say that I stayed patient and calm through the entire ordeal. When she woke up again at 7:15 and proceeded to whine and cry for another hour, however? Not so much. Blessedly, the sun was out this morning and I forced our bleary selves into many layers and we went for a walk and swinging at the park. She ate a good lunch and is now napping peacefully. Hopefully for a long time. And I just finished that tart, so I’m doing ok, too. Now I can look forward to the day she takes this tantrum show on the road. (Mom, seriously. Stop laughing.)


A final Thanksgiving note: The one food item my vegetarian pescetarian daughter requested thirds of? Turkey.

4 Responses to “and now back to our regularly-scheduled grousing”

  • Meg Says:

    Isn’t parenthood great? I’m impressed that you stayed calm. Good for you. A 5 a.m. tantrum is NOT COOL. And you can tell Joey I said so. The tantrums seem to escalate at my house during the holidays. I think, in our case, it’s overstimulation … and more goodies than necessary.

  • Meg Says:

    P.S. I hope your day improved — and that Joey took a long nap so she could get back to being her funny, adorable self.

    P.P.S. Are you sure you don’t drink?

    • Oma and Ned Says:

      she did take a long nap and has had a lovely, cheery evening. thank goodness.

      if it continues it could drive me to drink. 5am here is 5pm somewhere, right?

  • Meg Says:

    Always, Oma. Always. If it makes you feel better, Luke barfed in his bed at 12:30 A.M. — the day before Thanksgiving, which was going to be held at our house. He managed to hit every shred of bedding as well as his carpeted floor. I have an even deeper appreciation for my mother, as cleaning up his stomach contents in the middle of the night were not on my to-do list.