i’m happy to report that josephine slept until 7:30 this morning and, despite some initial whining, had a good day.  phew.  i got to go to the fabric store by myself(!), our holiday cards arrived, i purchased our first christmas gift, and we had dinner at the neighborhood pizza place with friends we don’t see often enough.  our girls hugged and kissed each other and nobody took a picture (how is that possible, megan?).  ned’s reading josephine her bedtime books now and once she’s asleep we’ll have to make the hard decision of whether we’ll watch the first season of “modern family” or some “big love.”  i have a new book that i’ve been waiting for from the library.  it’s been a good day.  i hope yours has been the same.

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  • megan Says:

    i didn’t even get to see the cuteness! all i can say is that my camera was “lost” at my aunt’s house since thanksgiving. it is now home safely. thank the lord. it was WONDERFUL to see you guys and have our children run amok *together* in a restaurant.