we went to the bike store after josephine’s nap today.  we wanted to see how she liked sitting on a balance bike (and see if she’s big enough for one yet).  it’s a bit of an ironic endeavor as ned can’t ride his bike and i don’t have one, but i suppose it will be a while before we’re actually all riding together under our own steam anyway.

it took us probably 10 minutes to walk down the block because josephine’s really not into walking these days.  we encouraged the heck out of her and eventually we made it down to the fire station at the end of the block.  the fire fighters were hanging out outside and nearly trampled us in their haste to present josephine with gold badge stickers.  it’s a good thing, having such kind people down the block.  she immediately put the stickers on both of the monkeys she was carrying (one reason walking wasn’t so easy).

at the bike store, she went straight for the pink bike, explaining, “i love pink. pink is my favorite.”  we quickly realized that the store didn’t have any bikes short enough for her, so we tried a few trikes out, too.  josephine quickly realized that it was much more fun for her monkeys to ride on the bikes and trikes. so while ned talked bike mechanics to the…bike mechanics, josephine took bongo and george for several spins.

and, lest this become the tantrum-of-the-day blog, i’ll spare you the details of the manner in which we made our way home.  i’ll only say: oh. my. lord.

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