throwing in the (cloth) towel

after two years and two+ months, we put out our dirty cloth diapers for the diaper service to pick up for the last time today.  no, our child is not potty-trained.  nothing close.  we’re just tired.  cloth diapers, overall, have been great for us.  but lately the ones we get (got!) from the diaper service just weren’t thick enough to handle josephine’s toddler-sized pees.  (the reason we can’t wash our own and use cloth diapers that actually work is because we have a coin-op washing machine that doesn’t have any of the fancy cycles you need to wash diapers properly).  THREE TIMES last week, i checked her diaper before we left for somewhere and it was dry.  when we got wherever we were going, 15-20 minutes later, she had peed and soaked through her pants.  c’mon, diapers!  that’s just pathetic.  when she didn’t pee through, she needed to be changed every two hours anyway.  the straw that broke the camel’s back was the laundry rates in our building going up from $2 to wash and dry a load of wash to $3 (that’s three dollars.  three.).  do you know how tall a stack of quarters is necessary to pay for $3 worth of laundry washing?  a really tall one.

(this reminds me of the time i went to the bank to get quarters.  we get a lot of quarters at once because, well, we do a lot of laundry, what with the kid and all.  i asked the teller for $200 in quarters and he did this fantastic slow-motion jaw-drop surprise-face.  once he was able to pick his jaw up off the floor, he said, “um, that’s a lot of quarters.” i wanted to ask if he’s allowed to display so much emotion about people’s financial requests, but i restrained myself and made a pathetic joke about laundry.  which made me feel like i was really hiding some secret gambling addiction or something. like i really needed the quarters because i was able to take my 2-year-old to the casino.  now i weep to think how many fewer loads of wash we can do with that $200 in quarters.)

anyway, with all the pee-soaked pants we have to wash, plus the diaper covers, plus the fact that we feel like we’re on vacation when she wears disposables, we’re ditching cloth and filling up the landfills.  maybe it will motivate us to work on potty training sooner.

although it wasn’t actually scheduled as a celebration of our ending cloth diapering, i did very much enjoy going to the zoo today with two dear friends and their kids and not having to change josephine’s entire outfit even once.

2 Responses to “throwing in the (cloth) towel”

  • Erika Says:

    oh my goodness, liberation! i’ve had myself convinced that i’ve just got to adjust the diapers, etc, etc and then he’ll stop leaking. then i stripped the diapers thinking i’d made them non-absorbant somehow. and then i started thinking these toddler-sized pees were going to win and i got so sad. i still am. sigh. the idea of going to buy 20 hemp inserts which are far more absorbant is a bit disconcerting too at $6 a pop. though i guess the math would even out eventually. but i am appreciative of your ‘coming out’. that’s one of the many reasons i love you: you’re practical and realistic. i’m so grateful. 🙂

  • oma Says:

    thanks for the support, e. i’m VERY impressed you are still on the cloth diaper train, given a’s resistance at the beginning. you go!

    we used hemp/fleece inserts at night and they are very absorbent. but can get stinky. perhaps there’s no way to win against those toddler pees.

    p.s. they’re “only” $3.50 here: