several items

1. We have been listening/watching Tiny Desk Concerts on the NPR website.  We tell ourselves they’re educational and point out the different instruments to Josephine, but really I think we’re just desperate for some non-Caspar Babypants music. (No offense, Mr. Babypants.) I also really enjoying looking at all the stuff on the shelves in the office.

We have enjoyed:
Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile and Stuart Duncan
Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch

I look forward to watching:
Josh Ritter
Steve Earle
Iron and Wine

2. Speaking of music, it has begun again (and I don’t mean the snow).

3. Tomorrow is the last day of November. I’ll be celebrating the last day of daily posting and I’ll also be sending some love towards Arizona to Erika and Alex on their anniversary. So much love and missing that I’m reminiscing about your wedding.

4. Josephine has been a delightful, calm angel-toddler for the past two days. Having said that (and believe me, I’m knocking quite loudly on wood right now), she’ll probably tantrum all day long tomorrow.

5. Josephine has been compiling a list of what she refers to as “silly words.” She is happy to list out her silly words and the list includes: Q-bert, Freddy, traffic and Tinkerbell.

One Response to “several items”

  • Molly Says:

    Playing Josh Ritter’s “Brand New Day” in my head got me through my 42 hours of labor.

    I hope Josephine adds “Snake-edy-puss” to her list.

    And oh lord your posts about the friends with naptime had made me re-think our stuffed-stuff collection.