aaand, we’re back!

ok, that was not the little break i intended to take.  some bug infected something and the site was down and i don’t understand anything about how computers/the internet works so i won’t make any attempt at explaining.  needless to say, i was instructed by my genius brother that i should wait to post.  (he also assured me that people could live without josephine for a few weeks.  some readers got a little antsy, though.)

after a month of excessive levels of daily details, now i’m behind again.  sigh.  behind and, in non-internet land, up to my neck in holiday prep.  so i’ll be back soon with a few tales from the first half of the month.  for now, i’ll leave you with my new favorite josephineisms and a cute photo from a trip to the zoo.


we were finishing up dinner last week and josephine was chewing on the handle of her fork.  i gave her a look that was meant to convey a bit of disapproval and she grinned a sappy grin and said, “is it wonderful to have such a baby like this?”


i told her it was time to get going, time to get our shoes and coats on and she asked if we could “stay here for a few longers.”

3 Responses to “aaand, we’re back!”

  • Erika Says:

    as part of the “some”, I’m thrilled you’re back. whew. my addiction can resume.
    and just to contribute: my new fav christopherism is: (post-burping) “that was a good burp.”
    also, joey’s hair is SO LONG! and just like yours!!! 🙂 she’s so fabulous…

  • auntie mae Says:

    erika and i are totally on the same wavelength lately– joey’s hair has grown SO much since i saw her and it is total oma hair.

  • oma Says:

    i think that photo is a bit of a hair optical illusion. it doesn’t look that long in real life (although it does still resemble my hair–that’s no illusion).