sweet as sugar

in one way or another, we’ve been trying to find ways to celebrate the holiday season.  we went to a beach on the sound in the dark one night to see the christmas ships — lit-up tour boats come close to shore and a choir on board belts carols that are amplified (a bit too loudly) so that the crowds on shore can hear them.  we started singing a few christmas carols.  telling ourselves that we didn’t need to put up an actual tree because we’ll be in minnesota for christmas proper, we collected some branches on a recent hike and hung our scant ornament collection on those.  we walked over to the lake the night they had luminaries set up along the pathway and listened to a brass band play carols.  josephine and i went to visit santa claus when he stopped by a local mall and she told him, from across the room (not on his lap, oh no) a couple things she’d like.  josephine and i also went to see the reindeer, camel and donkey they have at a local nursery.  and we made and decorated christmas cookies.

anne and meera were going to host a cookie party with music class friends, but they were struck down by the stomach flu and, clearly, many toddlers licking cookie icing together was not a good idea.  so josephine and i had carrie and sydney over to decorate some of the cookies we had made the day before and it was simple and, no pun intended, very sweet.  the best part of it all: josephine has eaten ONE of the cookies.  we made the dough and cut out some before she took a nap on sunday.  when she woke up from her nap, i showed her the pile of cookies i had finished cutting and cooking while she was sleeping.  she excitedly requested a heart-shaped cookie and savored it.  then she promptly forgot they existed.  the next morning, we decorated them and she had a great time (although, as evidenced by the photos, took her work very seriously) and since then has not mentioned their existence again.  ned and i, on the other hand, well… we’ve had a few.  just a few.


2 Responses to “sweet as sugar”

  • Erika Says:

    and you’re not even going to comment on the adorable choice to decorate while adorned as what seems to be a small woodland creature?!

  • oma Says:

    ha! it was her monkey hat from halloween that she had just rediscovered. josephine-as-monkey is so common place around here that i didn’t even think to mention it. 🙂