most certainly not

i didn’t have too many vivid pregnancy dreams, which i was a little disappointed about.  the one that i enjoyed most went like this: i was visiting two friends from high school in my home town.  we were watching the baby flip around inside my pregnant belly.  suddenly, the skin of my stomach became see-through and we could see the baby moving around.  only it wasn’t a baby.  it was a fish.  a big, ugly, veiny fish.  my friends were a bit concerned, but i was not worried.  “it’s ok,” i told them, “we’re sure it’ll look like a baby by the time it’s born.”  i woke up laughing.

at my baby shower, friends decorated onesies for the baby.  i love the results–trees and mountain streams and cat faces and flowers and bees and a public health message about washing hands.  this one, though, made by my friend jen, makes me laugh every time i see it in the drawer or on the baby.



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