one lone butterfly

i just printed out josephine’s first ever boarding pass (and we just paid the credit card bill that included the charges for josephine’s first ever purchased ticket).  i’ve flown countless times and we’ve flown many times together but every time i am getting ready for a trip there’s this one little butterfly that starts to flit around in my gut before i leave.  i can convince myself i’ve booked my ticket for the wrong day or have visions of showing up at the airport without my ID.  or luggage. (and i’m superstitious so even writing that makes me worry that something annoying like that will happen because i’ve jinxed myself.  doh.  i’m now knocking on wood.)  i just checked and we are indeed leaving tomorrow and we are indeed booked on the flight that will bring us to minnesota and my family and, hopefully, a healthy week.  our last trip there involved a lot of vomit and a lot of canceled plans.  all i want for christmas is an illness-free week.  is that too much to ask?

what are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

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