minnesota, in photos

our trip to minnesota went so well.  i was stressed about it before we left; our humdinger of a craptastic trip in july made me paranoid and convinced that it was all going to be awful. and it wasn’t!  germs were flying left and right but the three of us escaped with only a cold for josephine (and maybe one now for ned).  the two people who got a stomach bug weren’t out of commission too long.  i probably spent more time worrying that we three were going to all get it at the same time (like on the airplane! how fun would that be?!) than they spent lying in bed.  we laughed and ate and played and got creamed at boggle by my cousin and ate some more.  i think i need to go sugar-free for a week.  just as soon as we scarf down all these cookies my mom sent back with us…

i hope your holidays have been/are merry and bright and peaceful and healthy.

many more photos of the trip at the flickr page.

2 Responses to “minnesota, in photos”

  • Erika Says:

    this looks so wonderful! restful and peaceful and joy, joy, joy. it made me long to be in MN too. merry christmas, friend. may 2012 be the year for our get-away!

  • Meg Says:

    I love the photos! It looks like everyone had a terrific, HEALTHY time. Happy holidays!