sending 2011 out

i’ve been reading a lot of year-end recaps and very thoughtful 2012 resolutions on other blogs and… well… i have no thoughtful resolutions and i can’t really muster up the patience to do a recap.  isn’t that what the archives are for?  but i will tell you how we spent our last day of the year.  we had such a good day yesterday; such a nice way to celebrate the end of the year.

our favorite family musician, caspar babypants, had a show at 11:15am.  we went with allison, matt and eli, our neighbors and partners in crime on many adventures.  i think the adults enjoyed the show as much as the kids did.  mr. babypants stopped playing a few seconds before noon and the band led the crowd in a big 10-to-one countdown to noon.  happy noon (year’s eve)!  allison turned to me and said, “this is great because most of us won’t be awake at midnight to do this ourselves.”  and she was probably right. the place was packed with dancing/jumping kids (some of whom were in new years eve finery) and the music was feisty and fun.  we clapped and danced, took a long moment to appreciate a cup of apple cider, and nearly closed the place down.

after a nice long nap for josephine and a flurry of preparation for the brunch we hosted today, the three of us walked to candy cane lane, a little street about a mile from us that goes all out with holiday lights.  we had planned to get there before christmas, but, well, that didn’t happen.  josephine was most excited to see something i didn’t get a picture of–a giant inflated grinch.

post toddler-bedtime, ned and i watched a movie (in one sitting! do other parents have this problem? never making it through a movie in one night?) and crawled into bed a few minutes after midnight.  hello, new year.  happy to meet you.

3 Responses to “sending 2011 out”

  • Jayme Says:

    you left you the most important detail…
    what movie did you watch?

  • oma Says:

    ha! “bridesmaids.” i’d seen it, ned hadn’t. and it was fun to watch again, especially with him laughing his butt off. plus, it’s tough to fall asleep during that movie. we almost went for “midnight in paris.” i think that’s next on the list. any other recommendations?

  • Grandma Jackie Says:

    We still see the New Year in sound asleep. A pretty good habit, I think.