this i’m enjoying: this morning

this morning, ned took josephine and met up with jason and colin at discovery park for a walk around the loop and down to the beach.  this left me to sleep in and spend a few hours on my own.  i don’t think it needs to be said (but i will, gladly): i have an excellent husband. sometimes i spend the mornings i have to myself in a frantic flurry of doing a bunch of tasks to half-finished non-completion before i move on, frenetically, to something else, trying to fit weeks of to-do list items into a handful of hours.  this morning, however, i set the to-do list aside and it was such a good thing.

i left the messy house, the dishes in the kitchen, the laundry waiting patiently in its (large, full) bin, and walked around the lake near our house for the first time in months.  i’ve attempted this, with josephine in the stroller, many times, but her desire to turn around to go to the park (conveniently and frustratingly placed at the start of our loop) always wins out over my intentions to make it around the lake.  this morning, i walked all the way around listening to the tail end of “wait wait, don’t tell me.” i grinned widely (walking by myself, remember) when the contestants  discussed the fact that 2% of voters think mitt romney’s real first name is “mittens.”  (it’s really willard.)  then i listened to “this american life.”  it was a decidedly non-humorous episode about factory workers in china, but so riveting that i was grateful to have uninterrupted time to really listen.  i stopped by the library to pick up a book on hold and got to use the front steps, instead of the elevator entrance we usually use with the stroller.  TAL wasn’t over when i got home so i sat on the couch, sipped perhaps the best hot chocolate i’ve ever had from the coffee shop down the street, and listened to the end of the show while i finished the “V” in my alphabet embroidery sampler.  and now i’m off to take a hot shower in a bathroom that does not have a 2-year-old playing on the floor.

and you know what?  after all this blissful me-time i’m really looking forward to hearing those little feet (and the big feet, too) pad down the hallway and through the front door. and i can’t wait to hear her tiny voice give an account of her morning. well, i can wait.  quietly, and alone.

2 Responses to “this i’m enjoying: this morning”

  • Meg Says:

    It’s amazing what time to oneself can do, isn’t it? On the few occasions that I have time alone, I find myself wondering what my kids are doing … 🙂 I’m glad you got some time alone; I hope you get to have some more soon. Take care of yourself, okay?

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i love that you share this, oma. it makes me feel your day. thank you, ned.