today, in the snow, a transformation

we went out to the mountains and to snow this morning.  and oh, friends, i wish you could have seen this kid’s face when ned pulled her out of the car and set her boots in the snow.  sheer terror.  she screamed.  we picked her back up.  she refused to ride in the sled and wanted to be in the backpack.  after a little walking with her in the backpack, we warmed her up to the idea of being in the sled with one of us. i was in with her first and then when my butt froze, ned took a turn:

i got to pull them.  after a bit, we convinced her to try it by herself:

then we ate lunch by the lake and enjoyed the scenery:

then, on the walk back to the car, we convinced her to slide down a hill on the trail with me in the sled:

she rode in the sled by herself all the way back, even when the ground was bumpy and she worried about falling out. and then? then when we got back to the parking area and the snow play area, this happened:

and it happened again and again until we had to convince her it was time to go.  this kid.  she amazes me.


and now, if you’ll excuse me, i have to ready our scones and our tea for the season premiere of “downton abbey.”

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