things she’s enjoying: the two-and-a-quarter edition

Here’s what Josephine is up to these days:

Figuring out how to correctly use the word “tease” in a sentence.  She frequently says, “You’re teasing me, Mama,” even when I’m actually being quite serious.  Or she’ll say, “My hair is teasing you, Mama,” when we are doing nothing that involves her hair. But then she’ll say things like, “My foot is teasing my shoe,” when she can’t manage to get her shoe on. That last one I think is pretty clever.

Dolls. Josephine LOVES dolls.  We’ve been visiting preschools (a topic for another post, I think) and in every classroom we enter she quickly scans the room and then bee-lines to the closest baby doll and begins to cradle it and murmur softly to it.  She’s pretty inseparable from her doll Rose and spends a lot of time tucking her into the doll bed and patting her back while Rose falls asleep, wrapping her in blankets, sitting on the couch and nursing her, and taking her in her doll stroller to all sorts of exciting places.

Asking for stickers.  Because cashiers at both the grocery store and the drug store we usually go to hand out stickers, Josephine now asks for stickers everywhere I pay for anything.  Last night, she asked for a sticker at the hardware store and the kind woman behind the counter told her they didn’t have any stickers.  I suggested perhaps Josephine might settle for one of the tiny paper bags that they use for screws and the woman put two pennies from the change bowl in the bag.  Then she asked if Josephine liked keys and disappeared down an aisle.  She came back with three keys hanging from a key ring.  She had buffed them so their edges weren’t sharp.  Josephine was so happy.  She told the woman thank you and then said, “Keys and pennies, what a lucky day!”

Jumping. The kid finally figured out how to get air when she jumps.  Now she’s jumping all over the place.

Using Ned as a jungle gym.  Josephine is NOT a physically-inclined child.  She spent nearly five minutes at the park today psyching herself up to step down a four-inch high step.  I’m not kidding.  And yet she loves climbing all over Ned.  He tries to get her to walk on his back and it turns into a kind of ill-matched slow-mo wresting tournament.  It’s very sweet.

Doing more for herself.  Josephine takes off her shoes, hat and coat on her own when we get home.  We’re working on the getting-out-the-door end of things. She is getting better at getting her shoes on without a melt-down and is incredibly good-natured about having to switch when she puts her shoes on the wrong feet.  I’m trying to teach her how to put her coat on by flipping it over her head, but she hasn’t mastered that yet.

Singing holiday songs.  Over the holidays, Josephine learned “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Jingle Bells” and now delights in singing them throughout the day.  As we rode home on a very quiet but very full bus the other day, she decided to treat her fellow riders to a loud and lively version of “Jingle Bells.”  I particularly enjoy how she says that the other reindeer shouted “hippy!” with glee.

Being precocious.  She’s got a new long word and she loves to play with it:

2 Responses to “things she’s enjoying: the two-and-a-quarter edition”

  • auntie mae Says:

    haha she is hilarious.

  • Carrie Says:

    I love, love, love her super long word!! Did you play her a bit of the movie? Or just start practicing it? I sing it every once in a while with Syd, but so far she just looks at me like I’m silly (yes, yes) and has yet to attempt it. 🙂

    I also love that it took Jo a bit to psych herself up for 4 inches. Just one of the many ways that Syd and Jo are different! The same: baby loving!