robot babysitter

josephine loves her swing.  ned and i were skeptical about it, i have to admit.  so skeptical that we put off getting batteries for it for three weeks and still refer to it as the robot babysitter.  but it is a robot babysitter whose services i very much appreciate when i’m home alone with the little rug rat all day.


i don’t stick her in there for the day and walk away, but when she’s fussy, some swinging calms her down.  and when she’s sleepy, it rocks her to sleep.  we suspect that it has a very strong influence on her.  when she’s been sleeping a while and starts to rouse, robot babysitter lulls her back into sleep;  it takes a lot of effort for her to pull herself out of the robot’s relaxing sway.


if we want to wake her up, we simply stop the swing and she usually pops her eyes open.  and sometimes she does this:




2 Responses to “robot babysitter”

  • carrie Says:

    so we resisted getting a swing til syd was 6 weeks old…and then once we got it still resisted using it for the same reasons you mentioned…but really, I think they like it! we still only use it every once in a while. but I think i would have used it more in the early days if i’d had it while i was home alone with her! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    My kids loved our swing. Absolutely loved it. I read all about swings and how they were poor substitutes for what babies really wanted — human interaction/being held. The truth is, in order for me to stay sane and the kids to be relatively happy, a swing was necessary. Also, I think all of the negative items written about baby swings are either by men (no offense, Ned) or by people who do not have children.