in and out (but mainly in)

it is STILL snowing in seattle.  the snow was supposed to taper off yesterday and turn to freezing rain and then slush today, but it’s been snowing (after a few hours of freezing rain) since mid-morning and shows no sign of stopping.  it’s very snowy here.  schools have been open for about two hours total this week.  the four preschool visits we were going to make this week all got pushed to next week where they joined, on the now-crowded calendar, the other two i already had scheduled for that week.

i don’t think we’ve gone anywhere in the car since saturday. although i can’t really remember monday… i’m sure we did something, but i don’t think we drove.  we have been getting out, though.  to the park in one direction and then to the lake in the other. then to the park. then to the lake.  yesterday we went to the park with matt, allison, eli and, briefly, anne and meera.

today josephine and i walked to the lake for just a short while.  it’s colder and windier today and we don’t have a sled and the snow wouldn’t roll into good snowman-potential balls.  so josephine stayed in the stroller and i got a workout pushing it through inches of snow.  josephine was more excited about the snow that had drifted into our building’s stairwell than she was about the world covered in snow outside.

and ned? he’s managed to make it to work through the snow and ice.  his excellent work ethic is causing him to miss the fun in the snow here.  but probably sparing him the minor case of cabin fever i’ve developed.  to combat that, josephine and i made muffins and they were quite tasty. they’re also very healthy so i didn’t object when that’s all josephine wanted for her lunch.  or feel too guilty when i ate, um, three of them.  as we were stirring the batter together, josephine said, “this looks like what people say is in their diapers.”

josephine had a tea party for her friends, although i’m not sure this picture is a good advertisement for the quality of the tea she’s making.  she was walking backwards near the little cups and i warned her to watch where she was going so she didn’t fall into her tea set and she said, “then i would have tea all over me and you would drink me up.  dada would come home and say ‘where is my child?'”

she also did some reading on the couch with rose.  and nursed the fat lip she got last night when her lip got between her teeth and the edge of her dollhouse.

i’ve been treating these days like snow days, along with the rest of the city.  instead of being at all productive at nap time, i’ve been curling up on the couch with a quilt and a good book, drinking tea, and watching the birds put a good dent in our supply of bird seed.  i’ll do chores when it stops snowing.

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