deception pass

it was a cold, wet day, so we got in the car and drove north.  ned had the day off and we didn’t want those precious hours as a family to get sucked up by chores and errands and the tasks of home.  so we left town.  we drove to deception pass, a narrow, churning strait at the top of whidbey island. a bridge spans the channel and ned bravely joined me, despite his fear of heights, in walking across.




we managed to spend an entire day with both the baby and the camera and not take a single picture of josephine.  but it was cold out and she was either sleeping in her carseat or bundled in the moby.  no family photos on the beach for us.

we thought of grandma

we thought of grandma


ned's due in a month!

in other news, josephine had her 2-month check up today and weighed in at 11 pounds, 9 ounces.  hopefully the chunk on her thighs came in handy and cushioned somewhat the pain of the immunizations she got…

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