this one’s for erika

Josephine has a new love and her name is Laura Ingalls.  I’ve been looking forward to reading the Little House books to my child since before Josephine was born, probably since before I met Ned.  My dad read them to me; a pre-bedtime ritual that I have such fond memories of.  I don’ t have to wait a few more years until Josephine is old enough for the chapter books, thanks to the “My First Little House Books” series.  I found Dance at Grandpa’s at Goodwill about a month ago and we read and reread it.  And read it again.  We requested more titles from the library and we currently have six books about Laura and Almanzo in our house.  I can’t tell you how many times they’ve been read because I’m not sure I can count that high. Josephine knows what happens in each book, corrects us if we read the wrong word and references the book throughout the day.

Laura has become such an inspiration for Josephine.  She has been working on her “L” sound so she can properly say “LaLaLaLaLaura!”  (Although her Rs still sound like Ws, so she’s saying “LaLaLaLaLawa!”  But it’s a nice L.)  Laura has become a mainstay in Josephine’s story requests and imaginative play.  The couch is now the wagon seat, just like where Ma and Pa sit in Prairie Day; Josephine’s stuffed dog, previously named Marcia, now goes by “good old bulldog Jack;” she sometimes calls us Ma and Pa and has us call her Laura; her doll Rose is often Baby Carrie; and she informed me yesterday that she was going to travel to the zoo in the wagon because she was too big for the buggy (just like the pumpkin Almanzo brought to the fair). I think her mind’s going to be blown when we visit Laura’s birthplace next time we visit Grandma and Grandpa (when I told her we could do that she asked if Laura would be visiting them, too).

Yesterday, Josephine pulled the basket of holiday cards down off the shelf (think it’s time to get rid of those yet?) and found two cards that featured pictures of Mary and Jesus.  She asked me who the woman and the baby were and I told her the woman was named Mary and that the baby was named Jesus.  Instantly, Rose was renamed Baby Jesus and Josephine was gathering all the Laura books so she could match the pictures of Mary on the cards to the pictures of Mary Ingalls in the books.  I tried to explain that they were (very) different Marys, that they just had the same name, but she didn’t really care.

And this one’s for you Downton Abbey fans (which really should be everyone): Last weekend, I came into the main room where Josephine and Ned were eating breakfast.  Josephine told me that Dada had been telling her stories about Laura and Mary.  Ned told Josephine she should tell me who Mary had been trying to wake up.  Josephine looked up at me and said, with wide, innocent eyes, “Mr. Pamuk!  She tried to wake him, but she couldn’t!”  Nice creative story-grafting, Ned.



7 Responses to “this one’s for erika”

  • Erika Says:

    OMG. I am so honored and my sides hurt from laughing. My goodness. I never imagined wanting a daughter but now, well, I am persuaded of the advantages. I love that ALL the Marys are related!! I can’t wait to visit someday and hear her story lines-she is so creative already! Love you!

  • megan Says:

    ahhh! mr. pamuk! i am dying.

  • Christina Says:

    Love Little House and LOVE Downton Abbey! Wait till she can watch the show! Was last Sunday the last episode in season 2? I hope not since that is my mini-vacation every Sunday night. No one is allowed to talk to me then 🙂

  • Allison Says:


  • oma Says:

    erika: we’ll have to make sure you are the one to introduce her to the tv show… 🙂

    allison: are you surprised?

    christina: it was the last one! but nobody else in your family has to know that. it’s your last quiet sunday night for a while–milk it for all it’s worth.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    josephine looks so in love with these books. i’ve gotta get me copies. xoxom.

  • auntie mae Says:

    haha i laughed out loud at work reading the mr. pamuk part!