things i’m enjoying: right at this very moment

*the break while ned gives josephine a bath and puts her to bed.

*(the fact that ned gives her a bath and puts her to bed in general.)

*discovering today that josephine cut her first 2-year molar without any indication that such a momentous event was happening.

*anticipating seeing erika (finally!) in june.

*these photos, from an urban hike we took a few weeks ago:

*thinking about the two newest additions to our friend/family circle, one of whom lives five blocks away.

*how nice the tea i’m drinking makes my sore throat and stuffed-up head feel.

*making a very simple dinner that all three of us enjoyed enough to want seconds. (just potatoes, shallots, white beans and cabbage.)  the second recipe here.

*having a newly-minted two-and-a-half year old.

One Response to “things i’m enjoying: right at this very moment”

  • Erika Says:

    yay! yay! yay! Are you really coming too?! I’m so doubly triply happy! We’ll probably come in around the 21st and out on the 26th or so…not nearly long enough! But I’m thinking we’ll stay in RW except for the night or two in mpls for Le Wedding. In which case, I’m ditching the kiddo w/my folks so I can have a REALLY good time! can’t, can’t, can’t wait to see you!!