sick days

we’ve been home for two days now because i have a bad cold.  the kind that makes your head feel about 50 pounds and makes your body ache and having the heat on all day is never quite enough warmth.  today i told josephine that we should lie down on her floor in the sunshine (sunshine!) and those were the best 10 minutes of my day.  i’m feeling grateful for tylenol.  i’ve convinced josephine that lying on the couch under blankets is a great way to pass the time and today, when i was ready to rally for a walk down the block in the sunshine (seriously!), she said, “how about we just lie on the couch instead?”  well, ok.  don’t have to ask me twice.  josephine is fine, officially, although she talks an awful lot about how she doesn’t feel well.  and, looking at these pictures, is it any wonder that i’m inclined to believe her?  here she is lying on the couch (of course), checking email on her play keyboard and then deciding to make a “cold pillow” out of the keyboard.

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