and now for some cute kids at a cafe

we’re feeling better! we’re leaving the house and doing things! this weekend, we met up with allison, matt, eli and baby jesse and with ned’s friend from college, tracy, and her two kids, kaia and quinn.  tracy and co. were visiting from california.  a decade ago, we all lived in DC at the same time (well, allison, ned, tracy and i did; matt and the kids came along later) and it was great to catch up and watch the kids mingle.


One Response to “and now for some cute kids at a cafe”

  • Tracy Says:

    Love these photos! Especially the one of Quinn and I. Would you mind sending me a few of the files? One day we will have to get together and exchange family portrait services. It was so good to see you! Josephine is too cute. The picture of Kaia hugging her from behind cracks me up. Hope our paths cross again soon!