i’ve been trying to convince josephine to take a shower with me for months now.  it just seems so much easier to wash us at the same time rather than the first shower, then bath method we usually employ.  (more frequently we use the the mom showers and then dad bathes the kid much later in the day technique.)  yesterday morning, out of the blue, josephine announced that she’d like to take a shower.  i groaned (to myself) because ned just gave her a bath the night before.  however, not one to quash her motivation to try new things, i quickly washed myself and then, leaning out of the tub, stripped her down and pulled her in with me.

she is NOT a fan of the shower.  she’s only had to shower a few times in the not-so-distant past when we’ve gone swimming; it does not go over well.  one time, with ned, she screamed through the whole ordeal.  always a fun situation to be in:  naked, in the communal shower, with a screaming toddler.  yesterday was really no exception.  she tolerated being under the spray, but she was clinging to me and there was no way any soap was going to get close to her.  after a few minutes of me trying to lull her into thinking that the water was so relaxing, we called it a good attempt and climbed out.  she told me i should get dressed first and so i left her, wrapped in a towel, waiting in the warm bathroom.  when i came out of my bedroom moments later, i found her in the living room like this:

i think she recovered from the shower trauma.

2 Responses to “post-shower”

  • Erika Says:

    Christopher also HATES the shower. and i agree. it would be LOADS easier if he could just get onboard. though we’ve progressed from full-on wild screaming when we wash his hair and water gets on his face to obligatory whining, so i guess any progress is progress?

  • auntie mae Says:

    i can’t wait to come visit and snuggle up with that cozy little girl!