exploring language

josephine’s been creating some rather interesting sentences as she digs a little deeper into her exploration of words, emotions and meaning. the other night at dinner ned was talking about something she didn’t understand and she said to me, “i feel sad! dada said something really difficult to me.”

last night she told us, “there’s a wild book that will take your feelings. so i won’t read it too loudly.” huh. after a little questioning, we figured out that she was talking about where the wild things are and that she gets worried when we read some of the lines loudly.

she’ll tell me that rose has “had an angry day” and then do a pretty good job of describing scenarios that had made her angry earlier.

beyond the attempts at more complex communication, there are also just the little things that make me smile.  she found a little sticker yesterday and was putting it on rose and calling it a “toota.”  i was stumped and then realized she was talking about a “tatoo.”  and the other day she woke up from her nap and told me, “i had a dream and it came true!”  i asked what her dream was about and she said, “everyone.”  so there you go: your dreams just came true.

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