it just keeps coming

josephine has a mega-cold. it appeared on sunday and continues, unabated, today. we’ve canceled plans all week both to avoid giving it to other kids and to honor josephine’s frequent announcements that she is sick and doesn’t feel well.  besides, nobody wants to see this much snot flowing out of one nose.  i’ve gone through half a box of kleenex (and this is an econo-box, not a short little wimpy box) and am so tired of wiping.  her nose is tired, too.  there’s red, sad skin under her nose where the kleenex and her oh-so-gooey hand have swiped countless times.  i’ve been pleading with her to blow when i wipe her nose and she just refuses to.  i finally asked her why she won’t blow and she said, “the reason i can’t blow my nose is that there’s too much snot in it.”

to add insult to injury (or, perhaps, injury to insult?), her cheek had a run-in with the footstool on wednesday and she now looks like quite the little champion fighter.  especially if you squint and mistake her chapped skin for more bruises.

despite all this, she’s been in relatively good spirits.  (between the hours of 8am and 9pm, that is.  nights have not been good.)  she vacillates between running around the apartment like a maniac, throwing balls around and whipping ribbons in the air, and crawling under blankets on the couch and moaning a bit.  i knew we weren’t going to go to our parent-tot class on thursday morning when, while i was showering, she curled up on the bathmat so she could “take a little rest.”  that was the day she watched her first official movie.  we watched “mary poppins” in several segments and she was quite entertained, although perhaps more with the novelty of watching a movie than with the movie itself.

today, to fend off the cabin fever crazies, i bundled her up in her stroller, popped headphones on her and turned on the caspar babypants.  we walked all the way around the lake without a peep of protest.  that might have been the highlight of my week.

(and for those of you who don’t live in seattle, yes, this is how much we have to bundle up to go for a mid-morning walk on a fairly mild day. i don’t want to hear about it.  or, rather, i will when it’s 90 where you are and 75 and blissful here.  it’ll happen.)

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