foolin’ a fooler

ask ned what is favorite holiday is and he’ll tell you, without a pause, that it’s april fool’s day.  he delights in coming up with little, nonsense jokes that trick people into believing something ridiculous is true.  his coworkers are probably quite happy the holiday fell on a weekend this year as they are usually the butts of his jokes.  each year, i have to psych myself up for a week beforehand, reminding myself not to believe a word ned says on this day (well, at least not believe anything that seems unbelievable).

this year, allison, a victim of ned’s fooling in the past, schemed an excellent prank.  i helped a bit, but it was mainly her brainchild.  her sister’s friend, whom none of us have met, did most of the hard work.  he called this morning and, working off a script allison wrote for him, convinced ned he should answer some questions about our new laptop as part of a survey the laptop company had commissioned.  ned went for it and started answering questions about the computer (while i stood around the corner trying not to snort with laughter).  all seemed totally normal until the guy started asking ned about his level of affection for the new computer and what the company could do to take that affection to the next level.  at this, ned literally fell over laughing on the couch.  he said, “this has to be an april fool’s joke,” and allison’s sister’s friend, an actor by training, assured ned that he was just doing his job and would appreciate an answer.  ned finished the call and felt fairly certain that he had been pranked but wasn’t quite sure and was starting to look forward to the $20 gift card he would get for participating in the survey.  a round of applause for allison.

we explained the day’s joys to josephine and she quickly caught on.  i love the dramatic flair she gives her jokes.  for some reason she heard “april fools!” as “april fields,” so that’s what she kept saying.  please enjoy her bruised cheek and her snot-filled hair.


(in case you can’t catch it, this joke involves telling ned there’s something on his head.)

2 Responses to “foolin’ a fooler”

  • Jayme Says:

    the best part is that now your family will forever refer to April 1st as “April Fields!!”. It’s way better that way.

    Kinda like my 3rd grade birthday party when my dad picked up the wrong cake and I got a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA” cake. …and every birthday since.

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    i love this, jaymes. i also love to imagine that there’s an angela out there who celebrates her birthdays as jayme.