double trouble

turns out a week plus of having a really snotty cold and cutting three molars at the same time will get you not only a fair bit of misery but also a double ear infection!  how great is that?  i made an appointment with josephine’s pediatrician yesterday morning, after a(nother) hard night of sleep and continued major congestion.  and a lot of coughing.  and crankiness.  (on both our parts.)  i almost canceled the appointment because as soon as i hung up the phone, josephine’s nose stopped running and she seemed more lively, but it’s good we went because apparently there’s a big old party of nastiness going on in her ears.

she was so funny at the doctor’s office.  they asked her to put on a mask in the waiting room because she had a cough and she gladly slipped the straps over her ears and didn’t mind wearing it.  one of the other parents told her she looked like a doctor and she gave her a look and said, “but i don’t have a white coat.”  indeed.  in the exam room, she vacillated between contented curiosity and major trepidation.  when the nurse had left and the doctor came in, josephine scurried into my arms, announcing, “i don’t like the doctor’s office!”

but she does like her new medicine.  apparently it tastes sweet.  and it’s pink, so you can’t get much better than that.  ned and i both have chest colds now, thanks to her inescapable little germs.  and we’re all looking forward to feeling normal again and resuming normal life.  (although i fear i’ll be tempted to slip her some ibuprofen for a few more nights.  we actually all slept last night…)

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