two quotes

josephine discovered a small measuring tape on the desk last week and has been measuring everything in sight.  but she hasn’t quite nailed down which units she’s measuring in.  case in point:

“how long are you, bear? [pulls out measuring tape and holds it vaguely in bear’s direction] oh! fifty pound bucks is the bear!”

tonight, she needed some floss to get some salmon out of her teeth (yes, my toddler loves her some salmon).  post-salmon extraction, she was playing with the floss and remarked, “floss is a good thing to tie with because it’s loopy and twisty.”



One Response to “two quotes”

  • Meg Says:

    How fun is that? I will be on the lookout for an interesting measuring tape to send Joey. Our kids love playing with measuring tape — even Grace, who is 8. I don’t know why people worry about buying fancy toys when kids seem to really enjoy measuring tape, flashlights, and empty boxes. Seriously. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget books!!!!!!!!! 🙂