up down back forth on off in out

oh, two-and-a-half.  you befuddle me.  you make me so happy and then so sad.  and then frustrated. and then in love.  you’re a conundrum and a riddle and just when i think i have you solved, you reveal a new plot twist, a new mysterious lock that i can’t quite find the key for.  case(s) in point:

:: josephine was sitting on my lap yesterday and we were giving each other kisses on the cheek.  she would give me one, i would give her one. it was so sweet.  she was giggling and i was, too.  and then she grabbed my hand and bit my wrist.  hard.  i plopped her on the floor and sent her to her room to calm down.  ned went with her and, through her wails, she told him that she bit me because she was “feeling very hungry.”

:: we’ve been doing a bit of potty training, which for right now consists of josephine wearing underwear while we’re home.  she’s getting better at not peeing in the underwear (and on the floor.  or couch.).  i feel like we’re making progress, and then i find myself scraping poop out of a pair of underwear.  the other night she was standing right next to me focused on something she was playing with and suddenly said, “i peed!”  i scurried her into the bathroom and when i pulled off her soaked underwear, i realized she hadn’t only peed.  it sort of takes the magic out of potty training for me.

:: we were at anne and meera’s and the girls were playing in the living room.  josephine ran into the kitchen and asked anne, “can you help cooperate us?” anne and i smiled at each other, both because of her great sentence construction but also because look! she was asking for help!  help cooperating!  how civilized.  two minutes later, however, both the girls were clinging to the same toy and shrieking about how they were the one who wanted to use it.

:: [ned submits the following] we offer her two very clear choices, one of which seems particularly desirable to her and yet she is unable to articulate which choice she prefers.  and yet she is able to tell us what she does want when it is an extremely inconvenient or unacceptable option.

:: she talk talk talks all the time, often too loudly, occasionally out of turn and sometimes says things that are humorously inappropriate.  this past weekend, josephine informed our friend that she really needed to brush her hair.  or get a haircut.  she also said to her, “don’t cock your head at me. that’s my job!”  we can only sigh and mutter a tired “josephine!”  but every so often, she’ll ask for something using “please” without us having to ask.  and last night, instead of saying “excuse me” when she wanted to add something to the conversation, she said “i can be excused.”  close enough.


2 Responses to “up down back forth on off in out”

  • Carrie Says:

    I think this is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. This whole age/phase/which keeps continuing on and on and on is so interesting. and fun. and infuriating. and confusing. and fabulous. and special. and… you get the point! this morning sydney was giving me snuggles on the couch, and then we were pulling on her pants and all of a sudden she shrieks, “don’t help me!” and whacks me upside the head. No in between~ just kisses to hits. crazy.

  • Erika Says:

    the crazy smile photo at the end sums it up so beautifully. Christopher goes from kissing to biting–a bit more closely related, but still awful. but i do also love the mood swings that go back and forth on the turn of a dime. bloody murder turns to teasing grins in mere seconds. how DO they do it? no wonder they need to sleep 12 hours, the little buggers…